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Formulas to calculate the United Kingdom VAT

Below we have mentioned how the total is calculated before VAT.

Amount with VAT / (1+ (VAT rate/100)) = Amount without VAT
Amount without sales tax * VAT rate = VAT amount

How to calculate taxes for residents of the United Kingdom (VAT) in 2020

When the goods or any services are sold to customer in UK, they make an invoice to that customer and it includes the total amount of those goods or services including VAT (value added tax).

What are the VAT rates in the UK?

Since January 2011, the VAT rate has been increased to 20% which was earlier 17.5%. There has been some reduction of 5% to 0% tax in some services and goods and these categories are home energy or children car seats. It also applies to children’s cloths and most food.

Standard VAT rate 2020 (20%)

The standard VAT tax in UK applies to all sales transactions of goods or services and only few categories are excluded from this 20% VAT. Earlier the VAT was 17.5% but since January 2011 this VAT this been increased to 20%.

Reduced rate 2020 (5%)

For few categories and services VAT has been reduced to 5%. These products, categories and services are children car seats, materials for energy saving and energy used in the home, and the products that help people to quit smoking and more.

VAT rate 2020 at 0%

These have been several products and services that are exempted from taxes. These are financial services, publications (such as books, magazines, novel, etc.), health care services, products related to health and more.

Please visit this page to know more about  VAT rate in the UK goods and services.

Flat Rate

To calculate the rate you would keep as a business on the VAT, visit the flat rate calculator for UK.

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