Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in Ontario for 2019

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Minimum wage rates list in Ontario for 2019

Type of minimum wage Amount Jan 1st to Dec 31 2019
General minimum wage 14$/hour
Student minimum wage 13.15$/hour
Liquor Servers Minimum Wage 12.20$/hour
Homeworkers Wage 15.40$/hour

For 2018 (until the end of 2019) the province of Ontario as decided to make an increase in the minimum wage of 2.40$ over 2017, from 11.60$ to 14$ per hour.

The category of fishing and hunting guides is not considered in this calculator as it is very specific.

To get the appropriate amount for your job category, you can visit the minimum wage rate page of Ontario.

If you are a server and would like to know the salary you should have received in Tip (gratuity), visit our tip calculator.

Formula for calculating the minimum annual salary

Hours per week x ( 52 weeks per year – (Holiday + Statutory weeks) ) x hourly wages = Annual Salary

All workers working in Ontario are eligible for a minimum wage. This is the smallest amount a worker can be paid for the work performed during a given period, which can’t be reduced by cooperative agreement or an individual agreement. The minimum wage is the amount to pay earlier than tax is taken out (gross pay). It is prohibited for any employer of labor working inside the bounds of the nation to pay his laborers less than that amount every month. If you are using the minimum wage calculator you should consider the total amount earned for every period and how this may modify your tax rate. This is a valuable resource for people paid a commission for sales or who stay at work overtime, as you can use the minimum wage calculator to see how your wage may vary depending on fluctuations in your income.

Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in Ontario for 2019

Our minimum wage calculator is easy to use and it helps employers and employees to rapidly and initially calculate the minimum wage permitted by law for the more common work designs for reference. We make it simple for you to figure out the minimum wage in Ontario. To start using the calculator in Ontario, simply enter your “Hours per week”, excluding any overtime and “Holiday + Statutory weeks” then select the “Minimum wage ($)”. Double check the data that you have entered and then press ‘Calculate’ to see the minimum wage in Ontario.

Minimum wage increase in Ontario

Employers working in Ontario, Canada should know that Ontario’s minimum wage is increased. By late 2019 the average minimum wage permitted by law in Ontario was about $15.00 per hour. That compares to $14.00 per hour in 2018. This increase influences the overall minimum wage rate, yet also the alternative minimum wage rates that apply in Ontario.

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