Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in Ontario for 2017

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Minimum wage rates list in Ontario for 2017

Type of minimum wage Amount Jan 1st to Sep 30th 2017 Amount Oct 1 to Dec 31 2017
General minimum wage 11.40$/hour 11.60$/hour
Student minimum wage 10.70$/hour 10.90$/hour
Liquor Servers Minimum Wage 9.90$/hour 10.10$/hour
Homeworkers Wage 12.55$/hour 12.80$/hour

The category of fishing and hunting guides is not considered in this calculator as it is very specific.

To get the appropriate amount for your job category, you can visit the minimum wage rate page of Ontario.

If you are a server and would like to know the salary you should have received in Tip (gratuity), visit our tip calculator.

Formula for calculating the minimum annual salary

Hours per week x ( 52 weeks per year – (Holiday + Statutory weeks) ) x hourly wages = Annual Salary

The minimum wage is the lowest hourly wage your manager can pay you. This influences full-time and part-time laborers. Employees must be paid this as a minimum. The minimum wage in Ontario is a basic work standard that sets the most reduced wage rate that a manager can pay for each hour to workers who are covered by the legislation. Each region and district in Canada gives a minimum wage in its employment guidelines legislation.

Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in Ontario for 2017

We make it simple for you to figure out the minimum wage in Ontario. Use our minimum wage calculator Ontario 2017 and get the Hourly wage and Annual minimum wage. The rate set centrally is known as the federal minimum wage and has been at the rate of $ 11.60 per hour since 2017. It is set by congressional act and is explored by Congress.

Our Minimum Wage Calculator is a basic device to help managers and workers to rapidly and initially figure the minimum wage for the more common work patterns for reference. After entering all essential information (including Hours per week and “Holiday + Statutory weeks”) press the “Calculate” button, you will get the amount of minimum wage and Annual minimum Salary is met.

Minimum wage increase in Ontario

Ontario is increasing its minimum wage rates; the lowest rate that can be paid by managers to workers. The Minimum wage in Ontario increased in 2017 amounts to a $11.60 per hour increase from  September 2016 from the rate of $11.25 per hour which was itself increased just a couple of months back. While many at minimum wage will be better off, some of the secondary workers who profit by higher wages come from middle income and affluent households.

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