Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in Manitoba for 2017

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Formula for calculating the minimum annual salary

Hours per week x ( 52 weeks per year – (Holiday + Statutory weeks) ) x hourly wages = Annual Salary


The minimum wage is the lowest amount, per hour, that workers must be paid by their managers for work in Manitoba. It is variable relying upon your age, and applies to people beyond 16 years old – for each job, type, and division. A laborer’s pay for the minimum wage purposes must be determined in a specific way. In Manitoba, the Minimum pay is $11.15 per hour effective October 1, 2017 applies to all workers with certain exemptions. All workers must get minimum wage except if they are not covered by provincial employment guidelines or are prohibited from the legislation.

The minimum wage comprises the basic pay and various allowances, for example for shift work and unequal working hours. All workers are eligible for the minimum wage, regardless of whether they are full-time, part-time, casual workers, or are paid an hourly rate, commission, piece rate, flat rate or salary.

Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in Manitoba for 2017

If you are wondering what you would earn working minimum wage we have this efficient calculator for you. Use our Minimum wage calculator in Manitoba. You have to enter the working “hours per week” and “Holiday + Statutory weeks” then click on the “Calculate” button. The result shows what your gross earnings would be. The overall concept behind this calculator is to give managers and managers an edge of reference for wages in the region they live and work in.

Minimum wage increase in Manitoba  

Minimum-wage increases significantly impact on bottom-line and their ability to employ people. Increases to the minimum wage are depending on the province’s Consumer Price Index. If we consider the most recent years, in 2017 the average minimum wage in Manitoba will be about $11.15 per hour. That compares to $ 11.00 per hour in 2015.

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