Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in British Columbia, BC for 2017

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List of minimum wage in BC

Type of minimum wage Amount Jan 1st to Sep 14th 2017 Amount Sep 15 to Dec 31 2017
General minimum wage 10.85$/hour 11.35$/hour
Liquor server 9,60$/hour TBC
Live-in home support 108.50$/day (4,521$/hour**) TBC
Live-in camp leaders 86.80$/day (3,617$/hour**) TBC
Resident Caretakers (9 to 60 suites) (651$ + 26,09$/unit) / month or (149,82$ + 6$/unit) / week TBC
Resident Caretakers (60+ suites) 2217.46$/month or 510,308$/week TBC

On January 2017, the september 15th rate is only available on the retail council website.

To get the appropritae amount for your situation, you can consult the minimum wage page of BC government.

Formula for calculating the minimum annual salary

Hours per week x ( 52 weeks per year – (Holiday + Statutory weeks) ) x hourly wages = Annual Salary

For Residents Caretakers

Residence between 9 and 60 suites

(Weekly base salary + (Unit per week * Number of units) ) x ( 52 weeks per year – (Holiday + Statutory weeks) ) = Annual minimum Salary

Residence over 60 suites

Weekly base salary x ( 52 weeks per year – (Holiday + Statutory weeks) ) = Annual minimum Salary

The minimum wage is the most minimal amount that employers are permitted to pay workers with approval. The dominant objective of the minimum wage is to protect non unionized workers in unqualified areas of the labour market. Conversely, minimum wages can also help those earning higher wages.

Effective minimum wages assist increase wages of low-wage laborers, advance equity among employed communities, better the whole labour pay segment of GDP, and lower poverty rates. In Canada, individual regions and districts outline the minimum wage strategy through relevant guidelines and legislation; and in British Columbia the minimum wage requirements are laid out under the Employment Standards Regulation.

Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in British Columbia, BC for 2017

What amount of money will be left after paying tax and social contributions which are mandatory for a worker working in British Columbia? Use our minimum wage calculator to find your minimum wage. Enter any overtime hours you worked during the wage period you are referring to compute your absolute extra time pays. The minimum wage in British Columbia implies that a full-time worker can be expecting to earn the amount as a minimum before tax.

Enter your “Hours per week” and “Holiday + Statutory weeks” then select the type of “Minimum wage ($)” after that click on the “Calculate” button and get to know the Hourly wage and Annual minimum Salary. Make sure you put in the right amount for the expense frequency.

Minimum wage increase in British Columbia, BC

In British Columbia the minimum wage increases also target more than just the working poor. If we consider the most recent years, the increase in minimum wage has been a continuous progression. In BC, the minimum wage rate for most employees is $11.35 per hour. That compares to $10.85 per hour in 2016. Different minimum wage levels are set for certain workers, however, including liquor servers.


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