Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in Alberta for 2018

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List of minimum wage in Alberta

Type of minimum wage Amount Jan 1st to Sep 30th 2018 Amount Oct 1 to Dec 31 2018
General minimum wage 13.50$/hour 15$/hour
Salesperson 542$/week 598$/week
Domestic employees who live in the employer’s residence 594,21$/week (2582$/month) 655,43$/week (2848$/month)

To get the appropriate amount for your situation, you can consult the minimum wage page of Alberta.

Formula for calculating the minimum annual salary

Hours per week x ( 52 weeks per year – (Holiday + Statutory weeks) ) x hourly wages = Annual Salary


The minimum wage is the lowest officially authorized wage organizations can pay employees. The Alberta current minimum wage is $15.00 CAD every hour. Many regions and districts in Canada have their individual minimum wage. Workers get either is higher, the federal or local minimum. In spite of the fact that the minimum wage defends employees from misuse, it hasn’t stayed up with inflation. If somebody were trying to help a family by making minimum wage, they would meet all requirements for federal poverty help. Employers must have to pay at least the minimum wage.

Minimum wages do exclude tax or tips. Employers in Alberta are liable for guaranteeing they are paying all workers a legalized, fair wage. This includes following all requirements with respect to hourly, weekly, and monthly minimum wage, just as incentive based pay or commission pay.

Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in Alberta for 2018

At present Alberta has the most prominent provincial minimum wage in Canada. Use our computer to find the Alberta Minimum Wage. For using the calculator, you have to enter the “Hours per week” then enter the “Holiday + Statutory weeks” and select the type of “Minimum wage ($)”. Check the information that you have entered and then press “Calculate” to see the minimum wage in Alberta.

Minimum wage increase in Alberta

Alberta’s minimum wage increases essentially supported the income of low-wage employees as a gathering and hindered enlarging income difference, particularly as over 60% of Alberta low-wage employees are women. The overall minimum wage rate in Alberta is $15.00 every hour. It was increased from the past rate of $13.60 every hour in October 2018. The government trusted a higher wage would decrease poverty, reduce the burden on social help programs, improve the quality of life for Alberta laborers, and improve worker fulfillment.

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