Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in Alberta for 2017

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List of minimum wage in Alberta

Type of minimum wage Amount Jan 1st to Sep 30th 2017 Amount Oct 1 to Dec 31 2017
General minimum wage 12.20$/hour 13.60$/hour
Salesperson 486$/week 542$/week
Domestic employees who live in the employer’s residence 533$/week (2316$/month) 594,21$/week (2582$/month)

To get the appropriate amount for your situation, you can consult the minimum wage page of Alberta.

Formula for calculating the minimum annual salary

Hours per week x ( 52 weeks per year – (Holiday + Statutory weeks) ) x hourly wages = Annual Salary

Alberta presently has the most elevated provincial minimum wage in Canada. Basically all workers in Alberta are eligible to receive the minimum wage. The minimum wage is the regional mandated rate. The individuals who must be paid the minimum wage according to regional guidelines include full and part-time workers, home laborers, piece workers, office workers, migrant workers and casual laborers.

Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in Alberta for 2017

You can use the minimum wage calculator to calculate your pre- tax income at an hourly wage-earning job in Alberta. This calculator can determine overtime wages, just as calculate the total earnings for tipped workers. Our gross net wage calculator assists with figure out the net wage dependent on the Wage Tax System of Alberta. The calculator covers the new tax rates 2017. Use our calculator – Enter any overtime hours of the week during the wage period you are referring to determine your total overtime pays and “Holiday + Statutory weeks”. Choose the “Minimum wage” from the drop-down list. The minimum wage calculator uses wage rate data from the year 2017 to give you pay. The tool helps people, communities, and managers determine a local wage rate that permits inhabitants to meet minimum guidelines of living.

Minimum wage increase in Alberta

Alberta has been gradually raising their region’s weekly and monthly minimum wages since late 2017. In addition the minimum wage increases also target more than just the working poor. Alberta minimum wage will increase a further $13.60 every hour in 2017 from $12.20 every hour in 2016. While many at minimum wage will be better off, some of the secondary workers who profit by higher wages come from middle income and affluent households, for example, college students.

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