Net salary calculator from annual gross income in Ontario 2018

Salary frequencyGross income ($)Net income ($)
(once a year)
( 1/2 month)
(2 weeks)
% marginal taxAverage % of taxPayable taxNet income after tax

Tax Breakdown

Federal tax

Marginal tax rate CanadaTaxation in Canada

Ontario tax

Marginal tax rate OntarioOntario tax

Ontario Surtax

Surtax for Ontario only apply for income tax over 4638$ for 2018

Ontario surtax RateSurtax Amount
Total surtax:

Employee (by an employer)

CPPEmployment Insurance benefits (EI)

Self-employed (sole proprietorship)

CPP (self-employed)Employment Insurance benefits (EI)

Total net income

After-tax income, annuities and insurance

Net income employeeNet income self-employed

Formula for calculating net salary

Gross annual income – Taxes – Surtax – CPP – EI = Net annual salary
Net annual salary / Weeks of work / year = Net weekly income
Net weekly income / Hours of work / week = Net hourly wage

Calculation example

Take, for example, a salaried worker who earns an annual gross salary of $ 25,000 for 40 hours a week and has worked 52 weeks during the year.

$25 000 – Taxes – Surtax – CPP – EI = $20 802.48 / year (net)
$20 802.48 / 52 weeks = $400.05 / week (net)
$400.05 / 40 hours = $10.00 / hour (net)

Salaries are a very essential part of the employment process. If you need to discover the amount you should get paid, or you’re an employer or have a business searching for pay rates for workers, you can use the net pay calculator. Use our Gross to Net Salary Calculator to assist you with working out your annual gross pay and evaluate it with last year’s monthly income tax and tax deductions. It can be used for the 2018 year. Our calculator allocates you to calculate the gross/net salary over the period based on the number of weeks worked that you entered.

For using the calculator, you have to select the “Worker type” then enter the “Hours of work / week” and “Weeks of work / year” then enter your gross annual income (this figure will be on your income statement or latest pay slip) and click “Calculate”. The ‘Tax’ figure is the tax you have to pay depending on your salary. Distinguish this with how much tax you have actually paid as expressed on your income statement or pay slip. The distinction between these will give you a sign of how much assessment you’ll get back.

What is net income?

Our Net salary calculator assists you resolve the gross income included annual, monthly, semimonthly, biweekly, weekly, and hourly. To begin with, enter the net income you require after that enters your current payroll information and deductions.

Gross pay is an employee’s income before taking out deductions like income tax, PF, medical insurance and so on. Except if you gross-up an employee’s salary, gross pay is generally the comprehensive of rewards, extra time pay, holiday pay, and different differentials. In another manner Net income is the salary a worker gets after you retain finance deductions.

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