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Note that PayPal does not offer a method of calculating the desired amount after their commission!

How to calculate the Reverse Rate Paypal Canada

Amount after Paypal fees + Fixed Paypal fee Amount (0.30$) = Fixed Amount Charge
Fixed amount Charge / (1- (Paypal rate / 100)) = Payment Amount
Payment Amount – Amount after Paypal fees – fees Amount = Fixed Amount Paypal percentage fees

Paypal fee list in Canada

PayPal Canada offers digressive rates based on the amount of monthly sales

Standard Paypal Canada Fees

Monthly sales on Paypal Paypal commission on each transaction
from 0$ to 3000$ 2,9% + 0,30$
from 3000,01$ to 12 000$ 2,5% + 0,30$
from 12 000,01$ to 125 000$ 2,2% + 0,30$
from 12 000,01$ to 125 000$ 1,9% + 0,30$

The most common rate is 2.9% + $ 0.30.

Paypal Canada Commission for non-profit organizations

Paypal only charge 1.6% + $ 0.30 as a commission from nonprofit organizations. Also the commission amount remains same no matter how much is the transaction amount is.  

Paypal discount commission on micropayments

For any micropayments, Paypal changes 5.0%+$0.05/transaction.

More on Paypal Canada

Paypal is an easy method of paying online. It’s free to buy something with PayPal unless it involves a currency conversion. It is easy to send money through Paypal and it is quick, easy and secure process. You can easily send money or you can buy groceries or pay for your online tuitions through it.

Paypal Fees error margin

You may find margin of error of $0.01 in the calculator of paypal reverse fees.

You can find more about the Canada Paypal here.

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