Calculate the amount of taxe on property in Canada for 2018

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Formula for calculating property tax

Municipal tax = Assesment value x ( Municipal rate / 100)
Education tax = Assesment value x ( Education rate / 100)
Other taxes = Assesment value x ( Other taxes rate / 100)

Property tax = Municipal tax + Education tax + Other taxes

Calculation example

Take for example: an assesment value of 455 500$, the property tax rate of Toronto: municipal tax of 0.4802928%, education tax of 0.1790000% and other taxes of 0.0023544% for a total in property tax of 0.6616472%.
Municipal tax = 455 500 x ( 0.4802928 / 100) = 2187.73$
Education tax = 455 500 x ( 1790000 / 100) = 815.34$
Other taxes = Assesment value x ( 0.0023544 / 100) = 10.72$

Property tax = 2187.73$ + 815.34$ + 10.72$ = 3013.80

Table of 2018 property rates

This table provides municipal, education and if applicable other tax rates by city.

City/Municipality Province Municipal Rate (%) Education Rate (%) Other Rate (%) Total Rate (%)
Toronto Ontario 0.4632369 0.1700000 0.0022685 0.6355054
Surrey British Columbia 0.180601 0.116320 0.029461 0.326382
Calgary Alberta 0.39014 0.24559 0.63573
Mississauga Ontario 0.653476 0.170000 0.823476
Edmonton Alberta 0.61982 0.24401 0.0486 0.86869
Ottawa Ontario 0.89841 0.17 1.06841
Brampton Ontario 0.481785 0.17 0.383806 1.035591
Vancouver British-Columbia 0.124393 0.092146 0.030287 0.246826
Winnipeg Manitoba 0.584415 0.66429 1.248705
Regina (2017 rates) Saskatchewan 0.744834 0.412 0.071989 1.228823

Property taxes in Canada are collected by local governments and are typically founded on the estimation of a property. The amount collected is commonly used to help community safety, schools, foundation and other public activities. Use our online tool to more readily comprehend the average cost of property taxes in your state and province.

When you buy a property, you’ll have to factor in property taxes as a continuous cost. All things considered, you can depend on getting a tax bill however long you own property. It’s a cost that doesn’t go away after some time and usually increases throughout the years as your home recognizes its value. Also, what you pay isn’t managed by the government. It depends on state and province tax demands. Consequently, your property tax obligation relies upon where you live and the value of your property.

Calculate the amount of tax on property in Canada for 2018

Remove the mystery from Canada property tax with our Property Tax calculator. Get tax approximation immediately to help with the financial plan. Input the amount of the property to get an instant estimate. Or, Enter your “Assessment value” and then select the “City of the property” or shown on a Canada final property tax bill. It depends on the Assessment value of your property as given by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). If you’ve recently bought a property, you can enter your price tag in the assessment value section and you’ll get an estimation of your property taxes.

Margin of error for property tax

A margin of error of $ 0.01 to $ 0.03 may appear because of rounding of amounts in the evaluation of property tax in Canada. Because of adjusting the sum without tax, it is conceivable that the strategy for switch estimation charges doesn’t give the all out of deal taxes utilized in Canada.

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