Calculate the amount of taxe on property in Canada

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Formula for calculating property tax

Municipal tax = Assesment value x ( Municipal rate / 100)
Education tax = Assesment value x ( Education rate / 100)
Other taxes = Assesment value x ( Other taxes rate / 100)

Property tax = Municipal tax + Education tax + Other taxes

Calculation example

Take for example: an assesment value of 455 500$, the property tax rate of Toronto: municipal tax of 0.4802928%, education tax of 0.1790000% and other taxes of 0.0023544% for a total in property tax of 0.6616472%.
Municipal tax = 455 500 x ( 0.4802928 / 100) = 2187.73$
Education tax = 455 500 x ( 1790000 / 100) = 815.34$
Other taxes = Assesment value x ( 0.0023544 / 100) = 10.72$

Property tax = 2187.73$ + 815.34$ + 10.72$ = 3013.80

Table of property rates

This table provides municipal, education and if applicable other tax rates by city.

City/Municipality Province Municipal Rate (%) Education Rate (%) Other Rate (%) Total Rate (%)
Toronto Ontario 0.4802928 0.1790000 0.0023544 0.6616472
Surrey British Columbia 0.189447 0.1256800 0.030426 0.345553
Calgary Alberta 0.39633 0.25375 0.65008
Mississauga Ontario 0.670372 0.179000 0.849372
Edmonton Alberta 0.60066 0.24550 0.0471 0.85087
Ottawa Ontario 0.88885 0.179 1.06785
Brampton Ontario 0.492331 0.179000 0.396521 1.067852
Vancouver British-Columbia 0.157482 0.098007 0.255489
Winnipeg Manitoba 0.587835 0.67554 1.263375
Regina Saskatchewan 0.744834 0.412 0.071989 1.228823

Each homeowner in Canada is obliged to pay property tax. Property taxes are demands that governments use as a source of tax revenue. They can be determined using the assessed value of the property and the property tax rate of a specific area or region.

Assessments of residential properties are generally private, however, and known only to the proprietor. This can make it complicated for homebuyers to calculate the property tax they could need to pay when they purchase a new home. In case you’re a financier and purchasing a property on lease, property tax could mean the difference among positive and negative income, particularly in high property tax regions. Every region has its own assessment authority that manages and directs property assessments.

Your tax is determined by duplicating the assessed value of your property and the absolute tax rate (which includes both municipal and provincial tax rates). On the whole the tax amount each year is unique. Our Property Tax Calculator facilitates you to make an image about your potential tax liabilities in different districts in more prominent Calgary.

Calculate the amount of tax on property in Canada

Want to know what amount your property taxes are and where they go? Use our Property Tax Calculator. First you have to enter your “Assessment value” at that point, select the city and the property use, and click on the calculate button for a detailed breakdown of your municipal and education taxes.

Our calculator shows your whole property taxes for the year; what amount goes to municipal services; what amount goes toward education; what amount goes to fund different City services. It depends on the 2017 tax rate and 2017 budget.

The margin of error for property tax

A margin of error of $ 0.01 to $ 0.03 may show up in the whole amount opposed to the sum of individual property taxes because of the rounding.

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