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Formula for adding a Percentage

How to apply the percentage or combined percentage formula to the original amount:
Initial price * (1 + ((percentage rate) / 100)) = Total result after addition of the percent portion.

The percent portion of the amount is therefore calculated as follows:
Initial price * (percentage rate / 100) = Percent added

Example in context:

You placed a savings (before earnings percentage) at $ 200 on which you earned 5% fixed interest.

Percentage calculator is a tool that let you do simple math calculations. For an example what of A is B? The above tool is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is fill in two fields, and the third one will be calculated for you automatically.

With this method you can answer the question of how to find a percentage of two numbers. Moreover, our calculator provides exact calculations and also allows you to perform calculations in the opposite way i.e., how to find a percentage of a number.

What is the percentage? – How to find the percentage of something?

One percent is one hundredth of a whole. It can therefore be written as both a decimal and a fraction. To write a percentage as a decimal, simply divide it by 100.

Why do we use percentage?

We use percentages in many different areas for calculations. For an example, interest rate in banks, shopping discounts in cloths, groceries etc., rates of inflation and many statistics in the media are expressed as percentages. We calculate percentage in every financial aspects of our everyday life.

What is the result of the added percentage?

The result after adding the percentage: $ 200 * (1+ (5/100)) = $ 210
The amount of the percentage: $ 200 * (5/100) = $ 10

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