Fixed interest mortgage calculation

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Frequency of mortgage payments
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Total loan and interest over the period
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Calculating the mortgage

  • Mortgage Amount : It represents the purchase amount of the building (building and land)
  • Down Payment : It represents the amount of money you invest during the purchase to decrease the loan amount
  • Interest rate: Interest rate is the rate offered by your bank, caisse or other financial institution. This one can be fixed, variable, ascending, descending, etc.

Mortgage Formula

The monthly payment =
Loan amount x Mortgage rate / Number of payments in the year 1 – (1 + Mortgage rate / Number of payments in the year) -Number of payments * Number of years of the term

Calculation example

Take for example a mortgage of $ 250,000, a rate of 5% (0.05), a term of 25 years and monthly payments (12 payments per year).

250 000 x 0.05 / 121 – (1 + 0.05 / 12)-12 * 25 = 1041,6666666666671 – (1,0041667)-300 = 1041,6666666666671 – 0,28725 = 1041,6666666666670.71275 = 1461.4755$/mois

 Mortgage / Loan Calculator

In case you’re in the market for new property, ensure that you’re set up by knowing and understanding what your monthly mortgage payments may be. Calculating mortgage costs used to be intricate; but mortgage calculators have made it a lot simpler.

Don’t fall into monetary difficulty by purchasing more property than you can pay for. Use this calculator to create an amortization plan for your current property loan. Rapidly see how much cost you will pay, and your principal balances.

You can even decide the effect of any principal prepayments! With a couple of key subtleties, calculator immediately furnishes you with an expected regularly scheduled installment sum.

You can utilize it to different payment scenarios relying upon your amortization period, installment recurrence or the loan amount. When you know your evaluated mortgage payment, you’ll be better ready to think about property purchasing options.

How to use the mortgage payment calculator

To use the calculator, start by entering the purchase price in the best possible denomination. This is the measure of your current loan or a new loan you need to open. And afterward select an amortization period and loan rate.

This is the measure of time in months and years for which you need your loan amortized. You will at that point enter your interest term in months and years. This is the time allotment that your loan terms and conditions are in actuality.

The calculator shows the best rates accessible in your area; however you can likewise include an alternate rate. The calculator will currently give you what your loan installments will be. Of course, the mortgage calculator will show four diverse regularly scheduled installments, depending upon the size of your down installment.

It will consequently calculate the cost of CMHC protection (or mortgage default insurance). You can change the size of your down installment and the installment frequency to see how your customary installment will be influenced.

How to lower your mortgage payments

Most mortgage regulation in Canada is steady over the regions. There are a couple of approaches to bring down your monthly loan installments.

You can diminish the price tag, cause a greater down installment, to broaden the amortization period, or discover a lower mortgage rate. Use the calculator to see what your installment would be in various situations.

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