Free VAT calculator for France (FR)

€ excl. VAT + = = € "incl. VAT

Formulas to calculate the France VAT

Calculate the amount of VAT by choosing the rate that suits you and apply the following formula:
VAT amount = Amount excluding VAT x (VAT rates/100)

The amount with VAT (including taxes) use this formula:
Amount with VAT = Amount excluding VAT + VAT amount

If you buy or sell any products and services in France, the value added tax (VAT) is applied. This tax is valid on each phase of a product commercialization, from the product of the raw materials to the last deal to the buyer. This is different from the American sales tax, which is just imposed once, on the final retail sale.

How to calculate taxes for residents of France (VAT)

For the customer, there is no difference when it’s time to pay, because the tax rate will be applied on the total amount of product or services. We also included the VAT formula for residents of France so people can determine the VAT manually or update your systems with the appropriate VAT rates in France. The calculator allows rapid VAT calculations and provides in-depth VAT results with different products and services representation with a running total so you can see the VAT due on every products and services and the total VAT due in France in 2018.

Calculating VAT tax with the appropriate rate

There are different types of VAT in France: reduced, Super Reduced, intermediate and standard rates. Each rate is applicable on a category of products and services.

  • The reduced rate is 5.5% applied on e-books, domestic care services, non-alcoholic beverages, energy needs and goods and sanitary protection for women.
  • The Super Reduced rate is 2.1% includes medications reimbursed by social security, newspapers, some theatrical representations and the press.
  • The intermediate rate 10% for its part regroups non modified agricultural use products, farmers breeding supplies and non alcoholic drinks. In that same category, you also have books, public transport, bars, cafes, repairs and renovations on your property, firewood.
  • Finally, the standard rate 20% is applied on anything unspecified taxable goods and services.

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