Free VAT calculator for France (FR)

€ excl. VAT + = = € "incl. VAT

Formulas to calculate the France VAT

Calculate the amount of VAT by choosing the rate that suits you and apply the following formula:
VAT amount = Amount excluding VAT x (VAT rates/100)

The amount with VAT (including taxes) use this formula:
Amount with VAT = Amount excluding VAT + VAT amount

Whether you consistently do business across the world, or you’re simply started with worldwide development, there’s a good possibility you’ll run into “VAT”, or value added tax, rather rapidly. All things considered, most nations around the world levy some type of VAT tax.

Value added tax in France is collected as products and service tax. It’s measured as a consumption tax since it is charged to the customer as opposed to the business. It’s either a deliberate or mandatory requirement forced by the government relying upon your yearly turnover.

How to calculate taxes for residents of France (VAT)

Regardless of where you live or where your company is based if you have clients in France, you have to follow French VAT regulations. Value Added Tax (VAT) is determined directly on the selling cost of the goods or service being referred to. When products are reduced from the VAT table, the computer will involuntarily update the related figures, all the amount of products etc. Consequently, all entrepreneurs must comprehend the VAT rate in force equivalent to their activity and notice the accompanying components on their invoices:

  • Enter the net sale amount without VAT
  • Select the VAT rate applied
  • The amount representing VAT
  • The total amount all taxes included (including VAT)

Calculating VAT tax with the appropriate rate

VAT in French is a tax on certain goods and services, which is included in the sale price. The standard VAT rate in France is 20% that includes all sales transactions of goods or services. However there are different types of VAT in France: reduced, super reduced, intermediate and standard rates. There are reduced French VAT rates for certain pharmaceuticals, public transport, hotels, restaurants, and tickets to sporting/cultural events (10%); food and books (5.5%); and newspapers, some theatrical representations (2.1%).

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