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Formulas to calculate the France VAT

Here is how the total is calculated before VAT:
Amount with VAT / (1+(VAT rate/100)) = Amount without VAT
Amount without sales tax * VAT rate = VAT amount

Have you ever thought about the amount you paid for a thing before the Value Added Tax (VAT) or if the VAT on your receipt was right? Presently you can detect with our “Reverse Sales Tax Calculator”. Our calculator helps you to conclude the amount of a product or services excluding VAT. This enables you to rapidly and effectively discover the amount. It doesn’t need us to even know what the reverse sales tax formula is in any case. Yet, if you need to know the accurate formula for figuring reverse sales tax then please check out the “Formula” box above.

How to calculate taxes for residents of France (VAT)

It is very important to be able to quickly and accurately figure the amount, called VAT (value-added tax). This will permit you to evaluate effectively the costs of paying taxes and benefits from specific tasks. With our calculator, you can easily and rapidly check the kind of tax rate for a given item for the residents of France. Having determined with the rate you can rapidly get the values without VAT.

Calculating VAT tax with the appropriate rate

Value added taxes (VAT) are assessed on most sales and purchases with different appropriate rates. Only a few goods and services are tax-free or not taxable in full.

  • Standard VAT rate is 20%; it is applicable to most goods and services.
  • The first reduced VAT rate (10%) applies to goods and services like some restaurants, hotel accommodation, some pharmaceutical products, etc.
  • The second reduced VAT rate (5.5%) applies to e-books, sanitary protection for women, electricity, foodstuffs, etc.
  • The super-reduced VAT rate (2.1%) applies to some pharmaceutical products, newspapers, etc.

·         French zero-rated goods and services include intra-community and international transport.

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