Calculate the carbon tax credit for Saskatchewan residents in 2019


Ensuring the earth and development of the economy go together. In 2016, the central government worked with areas, domains, and with contribution from native peoples, on Canada’s first exhaustive atmosphere activity plan, which includes a severe, reasonable and productive cost on carbon contamination. Under the proposed approach, individuals in Saskatchewan will receive a tax-free Climate Action Incentive payment after filing their 2018 tax return starting in early 2019.

While the CAI was first made available to residents of Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan during the 2018 tax year, Alberta’s will be able to claim the credit on their returns for the first time this year.

Inhabitant of different regions won’t be charged and will consequently not be eligible for the Climate Action Incentive. This is on the grounds that they either as of now have a provincial carbon tax or their provincial governments are working on a carbon pollution pricing system that fulfills the administrative guideline.

For more details, please refer to the Climate action incentive page on the Government of canada website.

Eligible for Carbon tax rebates

Just a single individual for every family (you or your life partner or customary law accomplice) can guarantee the CAI payment. You can claim the CAI installment if one person per family can claim the payment, resident of Saskatchewan, 18 years or older or, if younger: had a spouse or common-law partner, were a parent who lived with their child. You can’t claim the CAI tax on the off chance that you were a non-resident of Canada, an individual for whom a children’s special remittance was payable. An individual who dies before April 1, 2020, isn’t eligible to guarantee the CAI installment. Please refer to this Government of Canada page.

Climate Action Incentive payments in Saskatchewan will be calculated as follows for 2019:

  • $405 for basic amount
  • $202 for Spouse or common-law partner credit
  • $101 for qualified dependant rebate
  • $202 for Single parent’s qualified dependant amount

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