Calculate the carbon tax credit for Ontario residents in 2019


What is the Climate action incentive?

You may have heard that as a major aspect of the Government of Canada’s environmental change plan, occupants of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta will get an assessment credit called the Climate Action Incentive when they document their 2019 expense form in mid 2020 – planned to balance the Federal Carbon Tax (called a “Fuel Charge”), develop the economy and increment your discount.

What’s more, they pay for their safety, health, communities and livelihoods when they are compelled to remake their homes after a flood or fire, when they pay higher protection premiums, or through increasing expenses for food, social insurance or crisis administrations.


Canadian citizens are eligible for the credit if they are over the age of 18 — or if under 18, had a spouse or child in the same home — and were a resident of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario or New Brunswick on Dec. 31, 2018.

Non-inhabitants of Canada or Canadians who were detained anytime in the year are not qualified for the credit. You should be at least 18 and live in one of the territories subject to the fuel charge to guarantee the rebate. The discount is applied consequently to any assessments you owe for the year once you record your arrival.

In case you’re expecting a discount rather, the refund is included to the all out due to be taken care of to you. If you were a non-resident of your region at any time in 2018, for example, you may not be appropriate for CAI rebates.

How much is the Climate Action Incentive?

The sum you get depends on the size of your family, so you simply need to choose which relative will apply for the credit (one credit for each family permitted), and the credit will be added straightforwardly to your government form.

How much rebate could you expect?

Type of situation Credit
Basic Amount $224
Spouse or common-law partner credit $112
Qualified dependant rebate $56
Single parent’s qualified dependant amount $112

If you’re puzzled about whether you can claim the carbon tax rebate for yourself or family, you may want to talk to a tax professional. They can assist you determine whether you’re eligible and how much the carbon tax rebate may be worth to you.

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