Calculate the Manitoba sales taxes GST and RST 2020

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Current GST/PST rate for Manitoba in 2020

The global sales tax for MB is calculated from goods and services tax (GST) in Canada rate (5%) and the PST or RST rate of 7%.

Other taxes

There are plenty of reduced rates for specific situations. We showed some of them in our GST / RST calculator.

IFP stand for “infrastructure funding period”: the 10-year period beginning July 1, 2013, and ending June 30, 2023.

Formula for calculating GST and PST in MB

Amount without sales taxes x (GST rate/100) = Amount of GST in MB
Amount without sales taxes x (PST rate/100) = Amount of PST in MB
Amount without sales tax + GST amount + PST amount = Total amount with sales tax


20$ x (5/100) = 1$ (GST)
20$ x (7/100) = 1.40$ (GST)
20$ + 1$ + 1.40$ = 22.40$


Retail Sales Tax

Residing in the province of Manitoba and also run a business there, then this little guide is just for you. If you run your retail business in any of these provinces- British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Quebec, then you must charge provincial sales tax (PST) on all items sold⁠, unless exempt⁠, in addition to the federal charges or the Goods and Services Tax(GST).

There are other provinces that have come down to a consolidated tax rather than charging two different kinds of taxes in the form of Harmonized Sales Tax or HST. However, Manitoba, unlike the other provinces, still has not incorporated the PST in GST.

In Manitoba, provincial sales tax is called retail sales tax (RST) and is charged at a rate of 8%.The Retail Sales Tax (RST) is a tax applied to the retail sale or rental of most goods and certain services in Manitoba.  The tax is calculated on the selling price, before the GST (Good and Services Tax) is applied

Unless exempted, RST must be charged on all goods and services that are consumed in the province of Manitoba. A very effective and simple calculator can further help you in making the calculations a cakewalk.

The general sales tax rate is 7%.

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List of exemptions of PST (RST)

  • Agricultural feeds
  • Ambulances
  • Animals that produce food or drink for humans
  • Baby supplies
  • Specifics bags
  • Many farms used products
  • Many books
  • Children’s clothing and footwear (prices at $150 or less
  • Commercial aircraft, commercial fishing boats or commercial fishing products
  • Electricity (in specifics conditions)
  • Many more

For more information about RST exemptions, please visit the Retail Sales Tax Act of Manitoba website.

The infrastructure funding period is the 10 year period between july 1st 2013 and June 30th 2023.

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