Calculate the AB sales taxes GST and PST 2020

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Formula for calculating GST in AB

Amount without sales taxes x (GST rate/100) = Amount of GST in AB
Amount without sales tax + GST amount = Total amount with sales tax


50$ x (5/100) = 2.50$ (GST)
50$ + 2.50$ = 52.50$



Being in Canada, it becomes imperative for the people who run small businesses in the respective provinces, to know when and what to charge their customers. There are three different kinds of taxes –Goods and services tax (GST), Provincial Sales Tax or PST and Quebec Sales Tax or QST. There are some of the basics that you need to know about these taxes before you calculate the tax.

GST:The federal tax of Canada is the GST, that applies to all the goods and services within the country. The CRA mandates the tax and a 5% charge on supplies is levied unless they are tax exempted or zero-rated.

PST: This retail tax is mainly dependent on the region. It is charged when a good or service is purchased or acquire. The provincial government mandates the tax.

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Current GST rate for Alberta in 2020

The global sales tax for AB is calculated from goods and services tax (GST) in Canada rate (5%) only. There is no general provincial sales tax PST and not HST (harmonized Sales Tax) in Alberta.

Other taxes

The tourism tax rate in Alberta is 4% and is called Tourism Levy tax. Between 2000 and March 31 st 2005 it was called hotel room tax and the rate was 5%. Tobacco, cigar and fuel also have specific rate mentioned in Current and historic Alberta tax rates.

If you have your own small business in the province of Alberta, and you want to know about the calculation of taxes, a very simple sales tax calculator can help you calculate the required charges you need to charge the customers.This is a very simple GST calculator for Alberta province. Alberta is the only province in Canada with a no-retail-sales-tax policy, so in Alberta there are no other sales taxes except Goods and Services Tax (GST). Any input field of this calculator can be used to compute the taxes.

Enter price without GST – GST value and price including GST will be calculated.

Enter GST value and get GST inclusive and GST exclusive prices.

Enter GST inclusive price and calculate reverse GST value and GST exclusive price.

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