Calculate the Manitoba sales taxes GST and RST

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Formula for calculating GST and PST in MB

Amount without sales taxes x (GST rate/100) = Amount of GST in MB
Amount without sales taxes x (PST rate/100) = Amount of PST in MB
Amount without sales tax + GST amount + PST amount = Total amount with sales tax


20$ x (5/100) = 1$ (GST)
20$ x (8/100) = 1.60$ (GST)
20$ + 1$ + 1.60$ = 22.60$

Dealing with sales tax is an essential part of running a little or big business. Get the basics down so you can focus on providing excellent experiences to your clients without worrying over shocking tax bills later on. We enlighten the basics to enable you to comprehend what taxes you have to charge region-by-region, and how to refer to them.

In Manitoba, a provincial sales tax (PST) or retail sale tax (RST) is charged at a pace of 8%. RST must be charged on the sale of all kinds of substantial products and services, except exemptions. The Government of Manitoba characterizes “tangible products” as “anything that can be seen, weighed, measured, felt, or touched; that is, whatever we can see with our senses.” This additionally incorporates computer programs and electricity. Subsequently, every time you sell or purchase any sort of goods or services, you’ll charge RST just as GST. In Manitoba, the RST owing is determined dependent on the selling cost of the article before GST has been applied.

Using GST/PST Calculator Manitoba 2018

Use our sales tax calculator to quickly estimate your federal and provincial taxes Manitoba for tax year 2018. This Sales tax calculator is useful for determining GST and PST in Manitoba. You have to enter the “Amount without taxes” and select “PST type”, the provincial and federal taxes are automatically calculated. It is free for personal and commercial use.

Manitoba Rebates and Exemptions of RST (PST)

There are different types of products and services that are not charged RST or PST. These are defined by Manitoba’s Retail Sales Tax Act. These rebates and exemptions are separate from the ones granted on a national level. These include farms used products, books, Children’s clothing and footwear, some farm and industrial products, Feminine hygiene products, and many health and medical products.

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