Calculate the BC sales taxes GST and PST

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Formula for calculating GST and PST in BC

Amount without sales taxes x (GST rate/100) = Amount of GST in BC
Amount without sales taxes x (PST rate/100) = Amount of PST in BC
Amount without sales tax + GST amount + PST amount = Total amount with sales tax


50$ x (5/100) = 2.50$ (GST)
50$ x (7/100) = 3.50$ (PST)
50$ + 6$ = 56$

British Columbia is one of the regions in Canada that charges separate 5% of GST and 7% PST. Most products and services are charged both taxes, with various exemptions. It’s basic that you identify with the taxes that apply to you, particularly the products and services tax (GST). Filing this tax inaccurately can prompt serious legal results.

Approximately every person and business need to pay GST on the purchase of taxable products or services. In spite of, a few exclusions apply for specific persons and zero-rated supplies. Any business which is registered to gather GST/HST will be able to recover GST/HST paid on buys made in the course of their commercial actions, by claiming “input tax credits ” when filing their GST returns.

Exceptions to PST in BC

There are different types of products and services in BC that are not charged PST. These rebates and exemptions are isolated from the ones approved on a national level. These classifications include basic food supplies, books, kids’ clothing, numerous health and medical items, transportation tax, and veterinarian services.

Reducing tax payable: deductions and credits

There are two primary approaches to decrease the amount of tax you pay: by claiming deductions and by claiming tax credits.

Deductions are amounts you can subtract directly from your income before analyzing tax. There are not as many deductions for people earning employment income, in contrast with people who carry on a business.

Tax credits work uniquely from deductions in that they are deducted from the amount of tax you owe, instead of your income before taxes. The most widely recognized credit that everybody can claim is a basic personal tax credit, which permits you to deduct an amount set by the government. In Ontario, it is $10,582 for the 2019 tax year.

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