Calculate the canada reverse sales taxes HST, GST and PST

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Current HST, GST and PST rates table of 2018

On March 23, 2017, the Saskatchewan PST as raised from 5% to 6%. (see the article).

The tax rate for all Canadian remains the same as in 2017.

Canada’s Province Rate type (HST, GST, PST) Provincial rate Canada rate Total
Alberta GST 0% 5% 5%
British Columbia (BC) GST+PST 7% 5% 12%
Manitoba GST+PST 8% 5% 13%
New-Brunswick HST 10% 5% 15%
Newfoundland and Labrador HST 10% 5% 15%
Northwest Territories GST 0% 5% 5%
Nova Scotia HST 10% 5% 15%
Nunavut GST 0% 5% 5%
Ontario HST 8% 5% 13%
Prince Edward Island (PEI) HST 10% 5% 15%
Québec GST + QST 9.975% 5% 14.975%
Saskatchewan GST + PST 6% 5% 11%
Yukon GST 0% 5% 5%


The sales tax is valid to all transactions at the retail level. In contrast to a VAT (value-added tax) or GST (goods and services tax), businesses who buy things with sales tax can’t reclaim the sales tax.

The harmonized reverse sale tax calculation for all the provinces of Canada

Reverse sale tax Calculator makes working with Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and Goods and Services Tax (GST) easy. This is a trouble-free tool that permits you to rapidly and effectively calculate just how much of that sales total was actually taxes. This calculator is mainly useful to experts who remit taxes to government offices. Just as business people and any other person who may need to make sense of exactly the amount of their sale should be recorded as tax collection and the amount of the sale is the true sales value. Ever charged a level rate for a service just to wonder later its amount is taxes. This simple tool gets you to the solutions quickly!

This calculator is useful for the following cases:

  • If you have a final cost with included tax, and you know the tax rate. With this calculator, you get cost before tax.
  • If you know all the amount which you get, and you will pay a 5% tax on the net amount. How amount is the net amount and how much tax is in net amount?
  • It encourages you to figure out Reverse sales tax.

HST exemptions or rebates for Ontario

While the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) generally applies to cannabis goods or services, purchases of most types of recreational cannabis are not eligible for the Ontario First Nations HST point of sale rebate. There are a few exemptions to the HST in Ontario. An HST exception implies the purchaser won’t be charged the provincial part of the tax, for example, basic groceries, some medications, kid car and then some. If any of these things are purchased on a reserve, an HST tax isn’t applied at all. This exemption brings the HST from 13% down to 5%.

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