Calculate the canada reverse sales taxes HST, GST and PST

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Current HST, GST and PST rates table of 2017

On March 23, 2017, the Saskatchewan PST as raised from 5% to 6%. (see the article).

Tax rate for all canadian remain the same as in 2016. In fact, the last increase in HST was for Prince Edward Island (a raise of 1%) on october 1st 2016 (see the article).

Canada’s Province Rate type (HST, GST, PST) Provincial rate Canada rate Total
Alberta GST 0% 5% 5%
British Columbia (BC) GST+PST 7% 5% 12%
Manitoba GST+PST 8% 5% 13%
New-Brunswick HST 10% 5% 15%
Newfoundland and Labrador HST 10% 5% 15%
Northwest Territories GST 0% 5% 5%
Nova Scotia HST 10% 5% 15%
Nunavut GST 0% 5% 5%
Ontario HST 8% 5% 13%
Prince Edward Island (PEI) HST 10% 5% 15%
Québec GST + QST 9.975% 5% 14.975%
Saskatchewan after march 23, 2017 GST + PST 6% 5% 11%
Saskatchewan GST + PST 5% 5% 10%
Yukon GST 0% 5% 5%

Given an item’s cost without tax, it’s frequently helpful to see how much of the cost is owing to tax and the amount to item. Often, knowing the cost of items without tax in one municipality will give little data of value worth to an individual who isn’t subject to the same tax structures.

Harmonized reverse sale tax calculation for all the provinces of Canada

The majority of the state and local governments in Canada would collect a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on the items sold in stores. For certain individuals, they need to know the amount they have paid for, particularly when they need to fill out exact tax returns or get monetary credits for any sales tax which they’ve overpaid. Knowing this information is very helpful; particularly if you need to make a list of any buys you’ve made outside of your state and discover what amount taxes you’ve paid on them.

The HST replaced the PST/GST in Ontario to restructure the sales tax system. The HST is applied at 13% on most supplies of products and services made in Ontario. It comprises 5% federal tax and 8% provincial tax, yet it is recorded on invoices as a straight 13%.

Using Reverse Sales tax calculator

Our Reverse Sales Tax Calculator is very useful for itemizing your deductions and claiming credit for the overpaid local and out-of-state HST and GST that are included for receipts. This is mostly profitable if you need to list your out-of-state buys to you current status of residence and the taxes paid on those buys.

HST exemptions or rebates for Ontario

There are different types of products and services in Ontario that are not charged HST. These exemptions or rebates do not affect the ability of businesses to claim input tax credits on their business inputs. These items include: qualifying food and beverages, health and medical services provided by doctors, prescription drugs, education, and many more.

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