We would love to tell you that we are a transparent business looking to help our users and readers get the right information every time they visit our website. To keep running our website appropriately we need funds and that is why you will find many ads running on our site. We get paid from these advertisers each time you click and buy a product or service from them. We want to be transparent about how we are compensated, which involves partnering with larger brands for sponsored content and advertising.

The amount we earn through it is used to run our website and provide you with quality and updated content that is free for everyone.

Below we have provided a detailed explanation about how and why we promote advertisements on our website.

We are an independent website and we earn funds by supporting the advertisement.  We aim to provide you all the basic and helpful financial information that will help you make smarter decisions. Here you can use our free tools, and financial calculators to gather as much information as you want.

You will find several advertisement links on our website and these links are placed according to FTC guidelines only. These guidelines tell you where and how to place the website links including the order in which they appear. Any references to goods, prices, or websites of third parties are subject to change without warning. Before participating in any third-party offers please do the necessary research.

How we make money

Any offer that you find on our website is from the third party who compensates us. This compensation is based on how the third-party link is shown on our website such as where it is placed, how many referrals it got etc. The only benefit that we get from these third-party ads is that we generate funds from them and those funds are used to run our website successfully.

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